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Kaitlin Janine Abshire Mckinney , United States

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About me

Hey, Im a 7th grader at dowell middle school, I'm pretty random and proud of it. I like to play bass gutair, and games that get me seriously injured. My favorite color is black and I love the bands Evanescene, Nickelback, and Nirvana.


I think kind of laid back but still in a rush at the same time.... You know!?


Heavy metal, rock- like my favorite bands are Evanescene, Nickelback, and Nirvana

Movies and TV:

I absolutly love movies like benchwarmers. So I guess comedy.


I run in cross country, and track, I love basketball, and I was going to be on the football team but i decided not to because it was all guys and that would be weird..... :-)


I like modern art, I love diffrent patters and rough looking stuff. I guess what people would call gothic but not really.


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